The Onion is an award-winning satirical news organization, delivering unrivaled journalism and reaching millions of fans through broadcast, radio, online & mobile outlets, and, until recently, print. Founded in 1988 as a student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the publication is now primarily centered around its 21-time Webby Award-winning website,, which Time calls "the funniest site on the Internet."

The Onion's first original book, Our Dumb Century, was a New York Times #1 bestseller and won the Thurber Prize for American Humor. In 2007, Our Dumb World - a complete world atlas - followed, and in 2009, Our Front Pages, a collection of the finest Onion covers, was released. All three have been critical and commercial hits.

In April 2010, the Onion began its foray into mobile applications with the launch of its first official iPhone app. Today, between two iPhone applications and one now available on Android, the Onion's downloads amount to over 1 million.

Whether it's online articles, video, radio, apps, books, or on-stage appearances, Onion staffers strive toward the same goal: To mercilessly mock the left and the right, the powerful and the weak, the deserving and the utterly innocent.

The two members of the Onion staff who will be visiting are Seena Vali (Senior Writer) and Steve Etheridge (Writing Fellow).

Presenter: 2014