W R I T E R S   W E E K   2 0 1 6   S T U D E N T   P R E S E N T E R   Q U E S T I O N N A I R E

Would you prefer a wireless mic to hold, a mic at center stage on a stand, or a mic at the lectern/podium on stage left?  Other than a microphone, do you have any special audio needs?  If you're performing a song, what instrumentation will you be using?  Does your instrument need to be miked or does it have a 1/4" jack so that we can plug it in?  Will you be standing with a strap, or would you like a stool or chair? Anything else I should know?
The intro will be read right before you go up on stage.  Do you want people to know that you're on the volleyball team?  Do you want them to know that you're an aspiring pastry chef?  Do you want them to know that you're in a band?  Do you want them to know that you had a poem published in an anthology as a 7th grader?  Or do you simply want them to know that you're a sophomore? (Booooooring...)  Seriously, though, don't be shy.
Would you be available to read/perform at Write Night on Wednesday, March 30? *
Check your calendar before saying yes! (This is something where we unfortunately have to say no to people, because we need to make sure the evening isn't too long.)
Do you have other requests or needs?  Is there anything else we should know about?