Martin Rickman loves words. That passion has translated to experience in advertising copywriting, website copy, poetry and short stories, copy editing, screenwriting, public relations, blogging, sportswriting, and journalism. It's not attention deficit -- it's hyper focus (or so he's been told). 

After serving as a contributor and moonlight copy editor for SB Nation, where he focused primarily on college football and NFL, and freelancing as a high school sportswriter for Wilmington, NC's StarNews and as a copywriter for the creative advertising firm Little Jacket, Rickman was hired in July of 2013 by Sports Illustrated, where he writes mainly for's college football site, Campus Union. 

Someday, he'd love to own a baseball team, win an Oscar, and write the Great American Novel. But for now, he'll settle for just being proud of himself at the end of the day.

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