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Charlie Hall is a senior reporter for Polygon, a leading games website, who specializes in long-form journalism and news gathering. He’s a skilled photographer, a seasoned podcaster and a capable video and audio producer.

His work covering games and the people who make them has taken him around the world, where he’s filed stories from Mexico City, Poland and Ukraine. He specializes in embedded reporting, uncovering narratives from inside obscure communities.

Charlie’s favorite work takes place at the intersection of the real world and virtual spaces. He’s known for finding unusual stories and seeing them through. That includes traveling the country by train for a 52-hour game jam, spending time in VR with the 101st Airborne, training in the Italian longsword, investigating Haitian piracy and uncovering the elaborate video surveillance system installed throughout the city of Chicago.

He makes his home in Lindenhurst, Illinois with his wife, two daughters and an extensive collection of board games.