Part independent journalist, part oral historian, Anne Ford is all Chicagoan. Over the last decade, she’s facilitated hundreds of interviews and written more than 500 articles and essays for national and regional publications, including the Chicago Tribune, AFAR, and AAA Living. Her interview series, “Chicagoans" (which has appeared in the Chicago Reader since 2010), highlights some of the city's quirkiest and most fascinating voices. With Groundfire Pictures, she has produced several short films based on those interviews (available at 

Anne is also a StoryCorps facilitator whose genuine curiosity, sensitivity, and warmth help her connect with interviewees from diverse populations. Oh, and she's the author of two books: Peaceful Places Chicago (a guidebook to the Windy City's most serene spots) and A Friend That I Can Do For (a collection of interviews from a Chicago food pantry).

Presenter: 2014